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Graduation Fancy Dress

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School Days Fancy Dress Costumes

Going back to school can really be fun. Whether you are a naughty schoolboy or girl, teacher's pet or just a geek, we have the ideal cheap school days costumes for you.

Our men's school costume accessories include wigs and specs, schoolboy caps and ties in yellow and black or red and blue. You can choose from Harry Potter-style specs or geek specs that feature a plaster mending the bridge. We also supply these as part of a geek kit that includes tartan braces and a tartan bow tie. Other glasses we provide include our black Magnify Your Eyes Bug Eye Specs. Our men's school uniform fancy dress outfits include a complete schoolboy costume in grey that comprises a blazer, shirt front, tie, shorts and a cap - all at a very reasonable price. If you are more of a geek, why not check out our Geek Boy Costume, which includes a top, a bow tie and glasses? Don't forget, if you need to replicate schoolboy acne, we have a range of face paints and make-up in all colours to make it easy to cover your face with unpleasant spots - just like the good old days.

Our sexy school girl costumes include a red tartan costume comprising a dress, tie and hair bows - it just needs to be teamed with long socks and school shoes to complete the outfit. We also supply a school girl costume in grey that is made up of a dress with an attached shirt, a tie and a boater and another in black that has a dress, tie and panties. These costumes are all supplied at very reasonable prices, so going back to your school days does not need to break the bank. Our preppy schoolgirl costume comes with a skirt, blazer, shirt and hair ties, while the prefect costume has a pleated skirt, a top and a mini boater hat to wear at a jaunty angle. All these school girl costumes are available in small, medium and large sizes. We also stock a range of wigs, including our blonde sassy school girl pigtails wig tied with blue ribbons and our plaited naughty school girl wig in auburn that has hidden wires to help position the plaits perfectly.

If you do not really fancy the thought of reliving your school days and would prefer to exert a bit of authority, you could still enjoy the party by opting for a long black teacher's gown teamed with a black mortar felt board hat with a tassel - both available from our website.