Fancy Dress occasions for August

August is lovely, isn’t it? the weather, neither too hot, nor too cold, it is perfect. It’s time for trips because of school holidays. August, in simple terms, is a great month where the fun kisses the brim. Meeting with family and friends and barbequing is a specialty of August.

In addition to the weather and atmosphere, several festivals and events are held and celebrated in August. Several festivals await in this full of the fun months. People wait for those events so they can attend and have memorable fun wearing occasions fancy dresses. There are lots of adult festival outfits and kids fancy dresses that can be worn to take an active part in the festivals for the month of Sextilis.

There are following festivals and occasions that you should gear yourself up for;


1980s fashion, 80s fancy dress, 80s costume

The Rewind the 80s Festival starts at the beginning of August. Three Rewind festivals are geographically named as North Rewind Festivals, South Rewind Festival and the Scotland Rewind Festival that celebrated on three different dates in the month of August.

You can choose to go to attend while keeping in mind the nearness of the venue. The festivals are going to host great performances by musical icons; there are going to be themed venues here you can put-on fancy-dress costumes. In addition to that, there are lots of scheduled and unscheduled performance that you can enjoy.

The most fun part of these festivals is no other than fancy dress costumes. Arrive at the event in a boat wearing the 80s glitzy costumes. The groovier neon clothes, fishnets, and relaxed and oversized t-shirts are going to become the flavor of the day. Wigs are going to add more to your appearance. You should take a look at 80's Street Hip Hop Costume for guys who love hip-hop and old school Rap music. In a nutshell, the Rewind festival is going to be great and full of fun and excitement.


Madonna Wild Child Fancy Dress Costumes

For Madonna’s fans, the birthday of Madonna on 16th of August is a great day to celebrate. What could be better than a Madonna costume to show reverence to the iconic singer? Women tend to clad themselves up in rah-rah skirts and wacky-looking powdery makeup. Emulating the talented Madonna is a great idea on her birthday. Wearing Madonna Wild Child Costume and doing the cha-cha dance may be the best rendition to her grace.



Be the attendee this August of 50th anniversary of stonewall riots this that provided the impetus to the present-day LGBT+ movement. Join this year’s Manchester Pride Parade. Pride parades are great fun to watch despite showing solidarity with everybody irrespective of sex, color or race. People march in colorful and beautiful costumes in the streets of cities across the world to support the LGBT community. The parade calls for others to be positive, tolerant and spread love towards the queers. The costumes and different decorations on the day is purely fun to watch. You can put on various fancy dress costumes that perfectly fit with the theme of the day. Support and raise your voice against prejudice purely in style. Over The Rainbow Suit, which is for guys who are debonair and tolerant towards everybody. For women, it would be Glitters Rainbow Costume to stand for the cause of staving off prejudice from society.



Notting Hill Carnival held in the month of August is the biggest street festival in entire Europe that demands some special treatment in terms of preparation. The festivals have a Caribbean theme and music bands and Calypso music reverberates in every nook and corner. People wear the most eccentric clothes and dresses. So, the carnival becomes more than relevant for fancy dress costumes. People in entire Europe wait for this festival so that can put their fancy outfits on. Everybody is invited can go as strange as possible in terms of his or her appearance. There is this Native American Inspired Headdress that perfectly goes with the theme of the festival. For gals, Hawaiian Set Pink best serves the purpose and lego-fits with the Caribbean theme.


Reading and Leeds Festival


The Reading and Leeds festival is colloquially known as the National Jazz Festival. The two festivals on two different places with some idiosyncrasies are the great gift of August to humanity. The festivals host lots of activities ranging from music to dances to all kinds of tomfoolery that one can imagine. Reading Fringe Festival is also a part of it. The most famous thing that catches the eye is the dresses of those who attend. People tend to put on most bizarre and erratic and funny fancy dresses. You can wear costumes that are strange, funny and eye-catching. Take a look at Men's Fiesta Jacket that is for guys who would like to go gaudy and want to make people laugh and attract at the festival. For girls, it would be Fiesta Dress Costume to catch the eye of every guy at the carnival.

Other small and community-based festivals are held and celebrated by the people in their respective areas and communities. They can also put on festival outfits to better enjoy the day of the event and have memorable fun.

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