Father-Son conversation Transpires Best Halloween Costume Ideas

Since, out of many social events Halloween tops and is considered the most anticipated occasion that people wait throughout the year. Halloween brings people together but there is this problem that is associated with Halloween that sometimes it become difficult to choose what to wear for Halloween costumes party.

The story of little Matt suggests the same but how his Dad helps him is a great example of fatherly support.

A little kid named Matt was sitting silently. It seemed he was deeply pondering over something. His dad entered the room and looked at him sitting kind of sad. They discussed as to what was the matter that had Matt kept occupied.

“What’s up, mate!” Father asks.

“Nothing much, October is coming and the Halloween is around the corner, I am finding it tough, that which Halloween fancy dress costume I should put on this year on Halloween that would stand me out among the crowd. I am blank and I have no idea at all about selecting fancy outfits.” Said Matt.
zombies fancy dress costumes
“Is this all you are worried about? I may help you and we can both think about the Halloween Idea.”, Father supportively said.

Matt becomes excited and happily settles himself in meditating sitting style on the bed.

“So, what can be the best Halloween idea this year and how should we decide?” Matt eagerly asked his father.

“Well dear! I reckon, your favorite subject is history, Right?”

“Yes, it is, but what my favorite subject has to do with my Halloween fancy dress costume?”

“History has a deep connection to costumes. Look! In history class, you will have read about different eras and periods. People back then had their particular style of wearing clothes that is phenomenally different than present-day dressing styles. If you go out in Victorian-style clothes, people would stare at you in amusement and they would think as if you were wearing a fancy dress for some cosplay or any other event. The same goes for all the periods like ancient times, medieval times and early modern history. You can choose from any of your favorite times from the past. Do you have any favorite epoch that you would love to go to?”

“Yes, I have always been curious about the cavemen and the way they carried out their living.”

“Perfect! You can simply choose to wear caveman fancy dress on Halloween this year.”

“Couldn’t there be any other idea?” Matt curiously asked.
father son halloween costume
“Well! There may be many ideas. For instance, you can pick your favorite TV and Film character and dress like him. You would have seen many people on Halloween in previous years that they were appearing as their favorite characters. You do have your favorite Film and TV characters, Don’t you?

“Yes, I have, I am a kid, and TV is my life. I have so many favorite Cartoon and TV Characters.”

“Then you can always choose to become your favorite TV or Film character. Moreover, you can become a zombie, a vampire, a ghost, a witch and an animal.”

“Wow! These are so many options but where will I get all these fancy outfits? Is there any store that I should look for? It should also be cheap, I know, earning is not easy. I don’t want to put a burden on you. Please find some store that has all the cheap Halloween fancy dress costume.” Matt asked his father with concern.

“I know the store already, A friend of mine recently ordered an adult Halloween costume from there. There is a huge host of Halloween costumes for everybody. I was already thinking of buying our family’s Halloween outfits from there. My friend emphatically recommended me, since, the costume he got was cheaper than all the other brands. He was also very happy with the great quality of his costume. He has also uploaded his clad up photos on his social media. Trust me, he was looking great.” Father told his son.

Matt enthusiastically asked his father,” which store are you talking about?”

“It’s fancypanda.” Father gleefully told Matt. “We should order it now online, should we?” said Matt.

“Yeah, sure! be my guest. Order it now.” Said the father.

“When I am going to get my order?” Matt inquired with concern.

“My friend was very happy with the delivery service. He had recommended me keeping all these things in mind, the quality, the swift delivery, and the design.”

“Thanks, Dad, you are the world's best dad.” Matt hugged his father.

“And yeah! What about Halloween accessories?” Matt worriedly asked.

“Don’t worry dear! they have got it all.” Father complacently told Matt.

Matt’s father advised his son that he could always share his woes and worries and shouldn’t keep things to himself. Sharing and communication can transpire great and viable things.

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