Fun-Brimming Universal and Evergreen Fancy Dress Costumes for Festival Lovers

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Festivals have a long past with a short history. The celebrations of certain kinds antedate ancient history and go back to the earliest of civilisations such as Nile Valley Civilisation. In the subcontinent, it would be Indus valley civilisation people might have worn festival fancy dress costumes. Archeologists, upon their excavation ventures, found out artifacts that were gaudy in nature and gave this variable to deduct that people were fun-loving and were very much involved in social activities. These claims have been corroborated by older texts and treatises belonging to respective civilisations. Artifacts included necklaces made up of stones and bones that give off the sense of fashion back in that day. Coming down in time to ancient times, Egyptian civilization the most flourished one, was much interested in fashion and partying. It is believed that they wore wigs made up of animal fat which were scented. They decked themselves out with animal skins. They celebrated lots of events ranging from the coronation of the kings to the annual Wepet-Renpet festival-- that was the new year celebration. This shows that the people back in the day were not at all oblivious of carrying fun rather they have proven to be gregarious in their nature. Similarly, Holi is one of the oldest festivals that Hindus of India celebrate. The same goes for the Roman Empire. Excavation and study of Pompeii revealed that the people then partied really hard. Fun, in a nutshell has been a need of the man since the dawn of civilization and its necessary for mental and psychological health.

By the time people grew more cognizant of the fact that fun is necessary for a healthy life, more and more festivals added to society. Now in present times, there are hundreds of festivals that are celebrated across the world. Some of them get international recognition and some stay indigenous.

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People’s participation in those festivals varies, depending on their taste. Some like to go just to keep their presence and enjoy as an acquiescent and passive participant. Some, however, go all decked out with gaudy, colorful and eccentric costumes. Nevertheless, some of the festivals are peculiar owing to the very need of going in a certain fancy dress costume. For living by the gist of such an event you always need a fancy dress costume. Fancypanda is here just to help you out with your quests of looking for a perfect costume that you want to put on for your next festival. There are lots of groovy options that you can choose your costume from. A range of festivals spurs us to think about a range of fancy costumes. We all tend to choose a costume that perfectly fits with the theme of the festival.

The epoch famous for its extravagance indulgence in the party and to some extent debauchery is no other than the twentieth century. If we further go down to weed out the more funky, we will have brought it down to the roaring 60s, 70s, and 80s. These three decades are much famous for partying. Not only did the people party then, but they also came up with new ideas in fashions, alongside new festivals that they initiated and pioneered.

Till today people love the costumes that were being worn back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. So much so, there are themed parties with the name of these decades that people attend wearing costume designs from the respective decade.

If we talk about the festivals of the present day, we will know that most have started after the 1950s. Varied genres of music saw the rise then. Woodstock music festival in the 60s experienced the presence of 400000 people that went by the theme peace and music. It is held every year ever since. This year is going to mark the 50 anniversary of the Woodstock festival. The 70s, on the other hand, gave rise to an internationally known Glastonbury festival where about 135000 people attend the festivities for five days. Similarly, big concerts and rock stars rocked the stage, free-spirited people participated and enjoyed.

In present times, people are reverting back with their interests and are keenly taking part in the old free-spirited hippy styled festivals. For that matter, a huge number of people choose to wear costumes that best represent that glorious era.

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There is a number of festivals that are celebrated particularly in the United Kingdom. For instance, St Patrick Day that Irish people celebrate. The entire United Kingdom celebrates the festivities of the day. Then comes the Glastonbury festival that is not only famous in the United Kingdom but it’s well known internationally. Lots of foreigners attend the activities of the five days long event. The Glastonbury is then followed by the famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Nottinghill Carnival and Manchester Pride. Halloween, the most famous of all the events and festivals, is celebrated at the end of October by the millions of people from all walks of life and across the world. They all clad themselves up in fancy costumes as they deem fit with their taste.

There can be lots of options for fancy dress costumes for festivals that a person can go with. For a bunch of festivals that are looming over our heads; lots of costumes flash past our mind while thinking. People simply get confused as to what should they wear and what not. For that matter, there are costumes that you can wear which will not only suit the theme but will also make you stand out among the crowd.

Here are the following ideas for you;

The three roaring decades’ costumes are evergreen for almost any festival that is there.

60s fashion ,60s fancy dress ,60s Style

Psychedelia was ubiquitous back in the 1960s. The decade experienced the rise of The Beatles and Pink Floyd. The king of Pop Elvis Presley ruled the hearts of the people. Elvis is the most impersonated person in the world. So much so, they are Presley impersonation contests that are held. You can choose to wear Elvis American Eagle Fancy Costume that is going to be perfect at any festival. People are going to love you. Immersing oneself purely in sixties psychedelics; 60's Tie Dye Hippie Psychedelic Costume is certainly a dress for sassy, bold and beautiful girls. For guys its Men's 60s Psychedelic CND Shirt that can be the best idea to have thorough and memorable experience.

1970s fashion , 70s fancy dress,

Secondly, its dancing seventies, which marked the rise of disco culture and disco divas. People got themselves lost in disco dances. Rejuvenation of the decade certainly is a fun thing to do. If we talk about the decade, the only thing that rings the bell over a little pondering is no other than the song Bohemian Rhapsody and the flamboyant and glitzy Freddie Mercury. Costume for ladies that is sexy and attractive is Dancing Dream Fancy Dress Costume. Ladies are going to love this costume, and it is highly suggestive to dance like crazies by wearing such a costume. For guys Color Shirt Rainbow best manifests, the times of the seventies. Lavender 1970s Suit Fancy Dress Costume again is a great choice for men who love to go to carnivals and festivals. There are lots of options in the 1970s decade that you can choose from in order to revitalize the hippie inside you.

1980s fashion, 80s fancy dress, 80s costume

Lastly, coming on the eighties, that is most liked of all the decades if we go by decades’ scheme. Gaudy and shocking color clothes came into vogue. People loved going glitzy. Spandex and leggings were worn by the majority of women. Spandex simply ruled the day. For festivals, Metallic Disco Leggings is a great option for women to go shiny and chic in appearance. Wearing an oversized neon top with the shorts, at the festival again can be a great idea. It also best depicts the decade. Madonna Wild Child Costume is a great costume for ladies to go with. This costume is loved a lot by women as they look sexy, alluring, seductive and attractive. Guys surely are going to fall head over heels for them. For guys, Groovier Dancer Fancy Dress Costume can be a great pick. Dancing like bonkers is further going to lit up the spirit of the costume.

Roald Dahl's fancy dress , Roald Dahl's costume

All of us, while we were growing loved reading Roald Dahl’s stories. We were not only fascinated by his character but also wanted to live like them such as Mr. Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl’s works have a long-standing impact on Generation Y and it is impacting the millennials too. There is always an option to go to the festival as one of our favorite characters from our favorite writer’s stories. For instance, Willy Wonka Fancy Costume for men is a great pick for the carnival, which is unique and certainly attractive. For women Deluxe Miss Trunchbull Fancy Dress Costume is not only exciting but also very funny, the costume is going to cause lots of laughter at the festival. For kids Matilda Fancy Dress Costume is the best pick; it will make you look adorable and delightful. Likewise, Mr. Fox Fancy Dress Costume is for boys and it will give you a crafty look so you could slip away from any trouble after creating the trouble yourself. Lots of other options are there in this Roald Dahl category that you should definitely give a look. You may find lots of options that best fit your likings. All the characters are unique and recognizable and are surely worthy to be worn at any kind of festival.

where's wally costume ,where's wally fancy dress

Well, Where’s Wally is a children book in which you get to find peculiarly dressed Wally among the crowd. On every successive page, the crowd grows thereby makes it tough to locate Wally on the page. Wally is dressed in a white and red striped shirt with blue trousers. Where Wally costume is one of the most famous costumes. Both kids and adults love to wear on parties and wingdings. The costume is much suitable for any kind of festival. Lots of people do love to put it on the festivals. Where's Wally Fancy Dress Costume is for those men who want some extra fun. Everybody at the festival is going to point at you and will shout here’s Wally, “I found him”. Same is going to happen with the women who are attending the festival wearing Women Wenda Fancy Dress Costume. The costume has all the important aspects that a person looks for when he chooses a costume for a festival. For instance, its unique, funny and easily recognizable. Young kids who want to accompany their parents at the festival can go in Where's Wally Wenda Deluxe Costume which is for cute little girls and for boys ,Where's Wally Deluxe Costume is perfect. Where’s Wally costumes make a perfect idea for all kinds of events and festivals certainly are unquestionably no exception.

Grease fancy dress , grease costume ,Grease  fashion

Another collection of costumes, that are perfect for festival costumes, is Grease movie costumes. Decking yourself with grease costume for sure is an ideal look for attending a festival. It sets with the theme of the 70’s decade. Sandy Grease Costume is for women that makes them sexy, alluring, beautiful and attractive. For men, Grease T-Birds Jacket that gives you a Danny Zuko’s glitzy look. In order to rejuvenate the enthusiasm that people used to have back in the day when they would attend the festivals, these grease costumes are going to help you out with that. Grease costumes have been worn since the 70s and 80 when the festivals had their heyday. So Grease outfit is highly relevant to such events.

piggyback fancy dress

Again, for adding more fun alongside your festivities, the funniest collection to choose from is the piggybacks. they are without any doubt hilarious every time you look at them. Get yourself ridden on the back of cockroach, Pig, Horse or even on Grandma. You can always choose from the piggyback collection as there are various funny and exciting options. For instance, Paddy's Leprechaun Costume is one of the costumes that are comical and unique. Similarly, Piggyback President  Costume that simply cracks everybody up with loud laughs. All the piggyback costumes are highly suitable and pertinent to all kinds of festivals. Since festivals are all about fun and fun is what piggyback costume is all about.

Apart from these collections and costumes you can choose to wear other costumes from other collections like Second Skin, Fairytale, Pirates, Baywatch and so on, that you think fit with your taste. However, afore-talked about costumes are the flavor of the day when it comes to costumes apt for the festivals. You can browse through the Fancypanda’s website for a multitude of options. Also read Zombie Infection

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