Notting Hill Carnival Costumes Ideas

Notting Hill Carnival is the most colourful, huge and free street festival celebrating the Caribbean community. It's Europe's biggest street festival, with loud music, plenty of street food, spectacular costumes and parade processions. It's been taking place since 1966 in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea during August bank holiday Monday and the preceding Sunday. In 2018, the carnival takes place on 25, 26 and 27 August.
Everybody loves a good carnival. With the bright colours, fantastic glittering outfits, music and dazzling lights who wouldn’t? But what would you wear when going to such an amazing event?  Coordinating your clothes for a music festival isn't exactly rocket science. But there is a fine line between looking cool and looking like a confused person. We are going to bring to you some ideas of how to dress up for Notting Hill carnival and will serve as a complete carnival dressing guide.

Fancy Dress Costumes

You can choose from traditionally fantastic outfits including Flappers,Skirts, Second Skin suits and comedy costumes like Tequila Bottle80s Height of Fashion shell suit,Women’s rocker diva costumes etc. For an attention-grabbing look, you can also wear Tutu skirts like Sandy Cheerleader costume.


Printed suits for carnival are versions done in lightweight materials and decorated with bold, vivid graphics. Loosely buttoned, these shirts are super comfortable which you will be thankful for after a long day.

Dressing up as Animals has always provided a certain attraction to adults and children alike.  Whether you want to be scary like a Shark, look like a Lion or everything or anything in-between, you can.

Character kit

You can also try fancy dress kits that cover a wide variety of characters from flappers and french maids all the way to pop culture classics including 80s party girl ,Crazy Caveman.Bananaman,,space super star etc.


It is summer after all, but rain is always a possibility if not a probability, so bear this in mind. A lightweight wax jacket will do the job perfectly, and a blazer is the perfect stylish layering option for the promisingly dry days.


Feather Boa and Wings

 Flaunt your flamboyant side and get noticed at the carnival with a Feather Boa and wings. It is a great accessory for adding a touch of class to any fancy dress you choose and is perfect for pairing with Flapper costume or Clueless Cher costume


False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are a fantastic way of accessorizing your face and standing out from the crowd at festival or carnival.



You can create a different look for yourself without the effort of applying make up with the Masks and Eye masks.

Hats and Head wear

Different styles of hats come in and out of fashion rather quickly. It is therefore extremely important that you choose the right hat for your festival outfit.. They are excellent focal points for outfits and create a statement if you’re after something simple yet bold.


 Being stylish and iconic sunglasses are such a craze that people wear them even on a cloudy day. Glasses can totally transform your costume. So choose the right sunglasses that makes your look perfect.


Costume jewellery

Jewellery is the most powerful add-on to an outfit as the right piece can accentuate the overall look thereby reflecting your style spirit. The bright airiness and freshness of spring and summer clothes look great with cool, natural colors. Turn your outfit into something inspired straight from nature by mixing naturally-paired colors together. 

Beards and Mostache

 Beards and moustaches allow you to add depth to your character without waiting for those hairs to grow on your chin and upper lip. 


A great costume wig will make your look stunning.You can try Braided or wavy wig.If you are a performer ,choose the wig that suits your character.

Make up and Face paints

Face and body paints are a fun and exciting way to create very unique, artistic and exciting looks with makeup! Face and body paints are easy to apply, pigment-rich and come in a wide array of vibrant colors.


Carvinal or not, shoes always need to be stylish so be conscious of what you are wearing on your feet for the long day ahead. White sneakers have emerged as the quintessential casual shoe and are perfect for versatility and comfort alike. Festivals can get messy so if it’s a pair you love, buy another in case they get super dirty. Boots can also be great, and work well in rusty browns and black colours. Boots are also the perfect accompaniment to an outfit that may be slightly more bohemian-inspired or not period specific. All in all, ensure you have a pair that is comfortable and will withstand all your festival expeditions.


It’s so amazing to see how much extra confidence people have when they are rocking out in the most amazing outfits.


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