The Best of 1980’s Fashion trends: Costume Ideas

Ah, ’ 80s fashion, one of the most eclectic decades in fashion. The words ‘big, bold, bright and glamorous’ surely sums it up.1980s were times of disco, bright colors, baggy pants, oversized shirts, permed hair, Miniskirts, leg warmers, basically a bold and loud statement. From wearing padded- shouldered blazers to animal prints every fashion clothing and accessory was big and bold. This era gave rise to more fashion idols than any previous decade. Many of the biggest fashion trends of the 80s were unisex: Member’s Only jackets, parachute pants, Converse chucks, Wayfarers, even big hair– all were enjoyed by both the gals and their dudes in the 80s.

Theme parties are popular and fun. This ’80s fashion trend promises to infuse your wardrobe with a new and glamorous sense of style. The 80s offer an amazing collection of movies, musicians, characters, and style icons to draw ideas for a killer costume. Halloween is the ideal time to show your 80s pride and perfect for creating exciting and eye-catching outfits. This round up of 1980s trends you can wear today is your manual for throwing it back, in style.

Fashion is always lead by icons, and the 80’s had their own list of celebrities inspiring the outfits of ladies all over the world. Singers, like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, lead a drive of edgy appearances that were not only bold and excessive but also punk. Whitney Houston, on the other hand, embodied a more glamorous style. Models, like Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford, inspired a love for luxury labels and thanks to Jane Fonda and her workout videos, leotards and leg warmers took over as the most stylish type of athletic wear.

Padded shoulders

padded shoulders are an outstanding way to add a touch of 80’s attitude into your  closet. Choose between jackets, blazers, and coats with imposing shoulder silhouettes to try this trend. Just remember to keep your waist defined with a belt.

Bold colors

Using color can be a fun and simple way to infuse a modern outfit with a ’80s vibe. The 80’s were well known for colorful clothing, and nothing is more colorful than neon. Stylish people would wear matching track suits or tops and bottoms in coordinating neon colors. So, if you are going to an 80s fancy dress or a show, this is a great option too. To rock this trend today, try shades such as cobalt, fuchsia, magenta, and gold.

1980s Bold Colors Fancy Dress | Fancy Panda


Sequins can also make a unique and eye-catching look at 80’s themed party. If you want to try the sequin trend than worn an oversized neon top with shorts and high top sneakers, you'll look straight out of the '80s! You can also try sequin tail coat jackets with black jeans or leggings with high pumps.

80s Sequins Fancy Dress Costume | Fancy Panda

Mini Skirts

The shorter the better … women and girls loved miniskirts.. These were often paired with leggings. This particular look has made a big comeback recently. For this look you can pair mini-skirts with high boots or fishnet tights with leg warmers. Now, that’s a rad 80s look. 

1980s Mini Skirts Fancy Costumes | Fancy Panda 

Bold Prints

Rocking a strong printed look is always a good idea for 80s party. Animal prints is making a comeback. Celebrities were commonly seen wearing animal prints. From tiger, cheetah, zebra to even giraffe print, that was the fashion of the 80s. Clothes, shoes, belts, bags, and scarves almost every fashion piece was made with animal print.

1980s Bold Print Fashion Costumes | Fancy Panda

Power suits

Bold colors and strong shoulders helped women show everyone who's boss. br> Be your boss and stand out in the 80s themed party. Alternatively, be bold in trending colors. Explore the possibilities of the suit: wear it as a complete outfit or combine garments separately.

Power Suits 80s Fancy Dress | Fancy Panda

Leg Warmers

Another one of the 80s fashion styles was that of leg warmers and just about every young girl and woman had the privilege of wearing them. For an 80s look you can try leg warmer with everything like dresses, miniskirts, knit pants, miniskirts, jeans.

Legwarmer Fancy Dress Costume Accessories | Fancy Panda

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves became very fashionable in 80s as a wide variety of pop and rock stars wore them as accessories. From romance fans to punk-rock followers, fingerless gloves were popular. The fingerless gloves are forever interconnected with Madonna’s look in the mid-80s.

Fingerless Gloves 1980s Style | Fancy Panda

Workout look

In the 1980s, aerobics was super trendy and so were the colorful workout clothes. From high-rise bodysuits and headbands to neon-bright leggings and bike shorts, ‘80s workout fashion was loud and proud.

80s Work Out Fancy Dress Costume | Fancy Panda


If you want to lean into the 1980s trend, try a wide, thick fishnet in a neon color. Fishnet tights, shirts, socks and body stockings were all the craze in the '80s. Pop stars wore fishnet tights under ripped jeans, and fishnet gloves on the red carpet. Now fishnet is back and as popular as ever.

80s Fishnet Fancy Dress | Fancy Panda


No 80s costume for women is complete without some jewelry, which can transform an outfit from good to awesome. Big hooped earrings, bandanas, crystal watches, wide belts, ribbon all added some punk rock look to the fashion of 80s.

1980s Fashion Fancy Dress Costume | Fancy Panda

  • Big plastic earrings in neon colors were particularly popular during the 1980s, as were hoops, geometric shapes and animal print. 1980s Necklace | Fancy Panda
  • Black, white and silver beaded and crucifix necklaces were made popular by Madonna, with Cyndi Lauper choosing more colorful bead necklaces. Geometric shapes can also be used and triangles became particularly popular in the 80s.

    1980s Fancy Dess | Fancy Panda

  • Big plastic bracelets clashing neon colors or animal print were popular in 80s.


Makeup was intense too, with bright blush or rouge as it was called back then, strong colors for the eyes, and dark lipstick mostly in shades of reds and pinks were the trend. Colored mascara from blue to yellow were available for lash lengthening, eyes had to be accentuated. Eye-shadows were dark or bright, worn all the way to the eyebrows.

Fancy Dress Makeup | Fancy Panda

The 80s was all about attitude, action movies, and out there fashions typified with big hair, bad makeup and crazy clothes covered in color and neon. If you're after an 80s fancy dress costume, the 80s selection has all you need and more. You can pretend you're the queen of pop in our 80s Wild Child costume or turn up as Maverick in our Top Gun Costume

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