The Halloween Party Guide

Halloween party guides

There are several theories about Halloween as to how old is the event, and what is the reason that people dress themselves up in Halloween fancy dress costumes. The most plausible of all is that it has roots in the 2000 years old event that Celts celebrated as Samhain. They believed that on November 1st the growing season would be over as winter came, and this opened up a portal between the living and dead and ghosts could return to earth. It seems like a Hollywood movie, but that is what is believed. 

Halloween over a long period of 2000 years has evolved into what we practice on the 31st of October. Halloween in present times has become one of the most anticipated events of the year. Not only kids but adults also love it. 

We always need a proper plan to make our Halloween unforgettable and make it such that we can cherish the fun moments for the rest of our lives. 

Fancypanda is here to help all you in planning a perfect Halloween party. We as an expert in Halloween fancy dress outfits and accessories have come up with the Halloween party guide that will cover all stages from start till the end to just make Halloween worth it. 

Buy Your Halloween fancy Dress

First and foremost, of all is buying of Halloween fancy dress costume. Since most people start the search for their Halloween outfit way before time owing to their excitement. It seems pertinent to talk as to why in the first-place people wear fancy outfits. The practice of guising oneself goes back to 2000 years. When in Samhain, people thought that the ghost would be back, so, to evade the ghost they clad themselves up in different outfits. This guising of oneself has come down to the present times in the form of wearing fancy dress costumes. People now find it incomplete to go without fancy outfits. As we all know, Halloween is all about fancy dresses. 

Fancypanda has thousands of Halloween fancy dress costumes for kids and adults. There are also thousands of Halloween accessories. You can choose to pick the one that you think is perfect for you.

There is a set of stagewise activities that would make your Halloween perfect and worthy. 

The whole paradigm of an ideal Halloween includes the following steps; Strategy, Ambiance, Props, Halloween Songs, Special Effects, Makeup and last but not least, The Halloween food.

The Strategy:

For any project or a task, what we need is money. First, you are going to budget out your expenses. The best way to make a cost-effective plan is to jot the things down on paper. It is very much possible that you will not have a thing coming into your mind at the moment when you start writing. So, the best way to deal with this issue is to scribble everything down that comes to your mind. While brainstorming, think of all the wild things which you think should be there at your party. After you are done with the things that you may need; decide the theme in a way like. Should it either be zombie, vampire or ghost theme? Be sure of the aura you want to dwell on. Once you are decided on what you are going to do. Next, comes the setting up of an atmosphere.

Setting up of an Ambiance:

After you have decided on the theme, next, what you need is the items that will help you set up an ambiance. You will be needing darkness around. Use neon lights with varied colors. Red, turquoise, purple, and yellow color would be great and will give a unique scary light. Use the cloth sheets with different colors to cover the household items. Now you will be able to see the difference in the room. By this time, you will be able to get more ideas, automatically, as to what should be added to bring in more horror. 

Addition of Props and decorative:

After creating an atmosphere, you will get many ideas, like spilling and spread fake blood on the cloth sheets and carpet. Also, you can hang skeletons in the room. Jack o Lantern, a craved pumpkin with the light inside it is kind of a necessity. It is an inherent additive to all the scary parties. For hanging stuff on the walls, there are many Halloween Kits that you can choose from the one you think should be perfect with the theme of your Halloween party. Like there is possessed wall hanger. The spider web is liked by the majority. The web is synonymous with fear, so, it is going to be a great addition. 

Fancypanda has thousands of props and kits that are going to come in handy while the decorating process of your Halloween party.

Halloween Songs and Music:

Without Music the life is incomplete. In any situation, we need music and songs. The music, rather, adds to the very gist of an occasion. Halloween being no exception at all is a perfect occasion for music. Scary music tune and instrumental would simply add horror to the atmosphere. The background music of some of the best horror movies would do the trick. So, music is a must for the perfect and memorable Halloween party.

Special Effects:

Then comes the special effects. The special effects, simply are going to give awe-striking results. There can be many options which could be a great special effect giver. The fog machine tops them all. The fog in any house, automatically, gives off this feeling of fear. Having a fog machine can be a great investment and can be of great use for other parties too. So, the fog machine is highly recommended, when it comes to special effects. Second is Dry ice, it can be a great special effect tool. Dry ice requires lots of care. Kids should particularly be warned about it. It may have some hazardous effects if proper care is not taken. The old-style metal Lanterns being the third can also be the best special effects. Likewise, luminary bags are a great effect giver. Some people also like to add kaleidoscopic lights to their parties for adding effects, so, it can also be a good idea.


After you have chosen your costumes and did all the arrangements of the Halloween party. What comes next is you and your family’s and friends’ makeup. Makeup is going to bring in more realism to your appearance. Like Face and body paint, liquid latex and prosthetics are going to simply make you real ghost, vampire or a zombie. Whatever is the theme, the makeup kits with fancypanda would certainly make you real. Just gather everybody up, get ready with Halloween costumes and application of makeup and make your Halloween party unforgettable. 

The Halloween Food:

Last but not least the most important part of any event is food. On Halloween, going with the gist of the event, we need food which should best fit it. There are many recipes for the day of Halloween. Pumpkin Pie being the top, every household and every party just has it on Halloween. Likewise, you can make brain silicon mold candies. Ice Cream eyeball, again, is one of the best Halloween treats. Moreover, serial killer pies look ghastly in appearance but are delicious. There can be lots of recipes. You can always come up with your very own recipes. You can get many silicon molds of all wicked shapes, that would turn your food into looking nasty by appearance but delicious. 

So, planning and executing a Halloween party is not that difficult. All we need is to stay imperturbably organized. Planning will help a great deal. Fancypanda always tries best to make sure that you enjoy your party and take it as an obligation to guide you out. So, you should be able to make your time memorable that you can cherish for your whole lives.

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