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For those that have no idea about Halloween, then sit back and enjoy as I take you through what Halloween entails. First of all, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It straddles a line between plenty and paucity, fall and winter, and lastly, life and death. It originated from the Samhain’s Celtic Festival, where people used to wear different costumes and light bonfires to ward off roaming ghosts. Halloween is on the eve of an important Catholic Festival, All Saints that takes place on 1st November. It also takes place on the eve of the Pagan Celtic Festival called Samhain. Halloween intertwines the two celebrations between Pagans and Christians. It is hence a good way to show the different superstitions struggling with religious belief.

Halloween Costumes IDEA

Halloween 2018

Through time, Halloween has come to be appreciated and celebrated by more individuals in different countries. Halloween is characterized by fun activities like trick-or-treat, decorations, carving pumpkins, attending costume parties, divination games, visiting haunted attractions, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing and telling scary stories. It has become a very social and commercial celebration and is celebrated by all ages.

Gothic Fancy Dress Costumes


Halloween has its own customs and traditions and has a rich culture. One aspect of culture is artifacts and symbols. Let us have a look at some symbols that are used during Halloween. Lanterns are carried on Hallows’ Eve to frighten away evil spirits. Turnips and carved pumpkins are also used to symbolize the harvest period in general. Imagery in terms of skulls, Gothic and horror films and also scary literature is also used. This is used to remind celebrators of death and the transitory quality of human life. Homes are also decorated with pumpkins, scarecrows and corns husks just to bring out themes of evil, death and monsters.



A very important aspect of Halloween is the costumes. Individuals wear different costumes to symbolize different things. Traditional Halloween costumes were inspired by supernatural figures like ghosts, witches, vampires and devils. Modern costumes include popular characters from fiction, generic archetypes and celebrities. Costuming for Halloween started in the 20th Century as the first Halloween costumes were made in the 1930s. Costumes are very important as they symbolize different things. Many people love dressing up as creatures that caused fear and tremble. They see this as a perfect way to poke fun at Satan whose kingdom has been destroyed by our Savior.

Halloween Celebrations 2018

Halloween will be taking place on Wednesday, October 2018.  It is a celebration for everyone: from children to adults. I am hence expecting you to be celebrating it come October 31st but parties are usually thrown at the weekend due to v=work conveniences. Whether you want to gather your friends and watch a horror movie, enjoy trick-or-treating or enjoy a scary party, the choice is wholly yours. Just make sure that if you have never celebrated Halloween, you do so this year. If you have celebrated it before, make it special this time round.

What to Wear

As I earlier stated, one aspect of Halloween is the costumes. People dress up distinctively to show different characters. If you are looking for the greatest and latest 2018 Halloween costumes, look no further than Fancy Panda. We have a great selection of costumes for every member of the family. We have the perfect costumes for this year’s Halloween. Devil, ghost, Gothic, horror and monsters costumes are available in plenty. We also stock a good amount of accessories and decorations too

Let this Halloween be different for you. Don’t you want to get all the attention to you by wearing something fancy? Head over to our main site to enjoy some amazing deals. All the costumes are affordable and you will enjoy a fast, special and expert service from us.

Whats Halloween about, For those that have no idea about Halloween, then sit back and enjoy as I take you through what Halloween entails


Stunning Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here. For those that have no idea, it will be taking place on 31st October. One thing that really bothers people and the celebrators at large is what they are going to wear on this special day. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place. This article shows you the best costume ideas for this year’s Halloween.

Halloween Costumes IDEA


Cut Off Corpse Head Display

The Cut off Corpse Head Display is a common creepy costume used during Halloween. It is actually very scary and due to this, its main purpose is too scare individuals. Due to this, it is not suitable for small kids, mostly under 36 months.

Vampire devil dracula fancy dress costume

The Vampire Costume

Over time, Vampires have been known to cause a lot of harm to human beings by sucking their blood and later killing them. They reside in darkness and are known to be very evil. Every culture around the world has a story or folklore to tell about them. Films and movies about Vampires have been created. This has helped to build their character traits and most people know about them. It is hence not a bad option to wear a costume that will symbolize these creatures of the night. A prop of a head filled with blood or one with long incisors teeth can be a perfect idea. The costumes are made for all genders and are preferred for adults.

Halloween Costumes IDEA


Sexy Costumes

The modern Halloween celebrations have seen a change in style. Our ladies are now opting for some sexy costumes rather than the traditional look of humorous or spooky. Halloween has become a night where women can show off their sexiness by stepping out of their comfort zones. The sexy look can be a blend of erotic and risqué or sweet and innocent. Women believe in the sensuality and intrigue that a sexy costume offers. A sexy costume can bring the ideal dream to life. At Fancy Panda, we stock the very best sexy costumes that you cannot find elsewhere including, Beautiful Bones Costume, Day of the Dead Tutu Dress, and many more. This Halloween, shrug off your inhibitions and adopt your sexy side.


Halloween Props

Celebrators of Halloween need something cool to go with their costumes. It is good to note that embracing the Halloween season, means embracing its history too. Back in the days, the Celtic folklore believed that the spirits of the dead come back to life and associate with the living on the Halloween night. People hence decorated their houses with skeletons, grim reapers, and tombstones to welcome the souls. Props and decorations are hence a great part of Halloween. You can get specially designed decorations and props on Fancy Panda at affordable price.


For anyone out there that has never celebrated Halloween, you should definitely consider of doing so this time round. Halloween is a special holiday that you cannot afford to miss. One main aspect of Halloween is the costumes. Some awesome costumes that you can consider wearing this Halloween include: the Vampire Costume, Cut off Head Costume, and sexy costumes for ladies. Get some of these costumes from our main website Fancy Panda and aim to scare this Halloween.

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