Wig ideas for fancy dress parties

Wig ideas for fancy dress parties

Whatever party or event you’re dressing up for, you’ll most likely need a wig to finish your look! We have a big selection of pre-styled character wigs for both men and women that will help you add the finishing touch to your outfit. From flapper wigs for a 1920s party to wigs that will help you re-create some of the most iconic pop culture hairstyles, we can help you get the hair that you want!

By the way, wigs aren’t just for completing costumes! Sometimes a wig is all that you need to get into a character and to look instantly recognisable.

Decade wigs

Decade theme is one of the most popular options for birthdays as well as for hen and stag parties.  If you’re going to a decade themed party, getting a wig that matches your outfit is essential because re-creating most hairstyles that people used to wear in previous decades isn’t that simple!

Wearing a wig instead of trying to achieve a hairstyle that represents a specific decade, will save your time and will help protect your hair from damage. So whether it’s a glamorous Gatsby themed 20s party or a neon 80s party, make sure you have the hairstyle that represents that decade.

Pirate wigs

Pirate theme is also very popular for birthdays, hens’ and bucks’ nights as well as for carnivals. We have a selection of pirate wigs for both men and women. Our women’s collection includes a long brown pirate wig with a bandana as well as beads and charms, so it’s a very quick and easy way to complete your pirate costume. We also have a blonde version of this wig! For men, we also have few different long pirate wigs to choose from.

TV & Film character wigs

Dressing up as characters from favourite films and TV shows is always fun! One of our favourite movies for dressing up is Grease. Pink Ladies jackets, a soda bar and 50s themed décor are only few of Grease themed party essentials. If you’re serious about getting into different Grease characters, you will need wigs! We have a Sandy Last Scene curly wig and a pink Frenchy wig as well as a black Danny wig for men.

Wigs for festivals

Wigs are essential for festivals! They’re great for adding a bit of colour to your look, completing a character look or for simply hiding the festival hair. Our glam collection includes a range of wigs in different styles and colours that would work great for festivals, pride events and carnivals.

Wigs for charity events

Wigs are very popular for charity events. Wearing a wig for a charity is an easy but an effective way of getting people involved in charitable activities. Whether it’s a charity run or a fundraising day in a workplace, wig is a great way to show support. From neon green and pink to the colours of rainbow, the wigs used for charities are usually fun and colourful.

Pop culture icons

Wigs are also great for impersonating your favourite pop culture stars. Just think about how many iconic hair moments Katy Perry had in her music videos. Check out our Blue Sweetheart and Lilac Candy Queen wigs for re-creating those looks. Our Brown Rehab Beehive Wig is perfect for dressing up as the iconic Amy Winehouse. You can also achieve that classic curly Madonna’s hairstyle from the 80s with one of our wild child wigs.

Fever wigs

If you’re after quality, check out our Fever wigs which are great when you want to achieve that natural look. Fever wigs are heat-resistant (up to 120°C) which makes them styleable. They come in loads of different styles and colours!

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