1970s Fancy Dress Costume

1970s marked the rise of disco culture and disco divas. The fashion trend that ruled the day was funky flares and tight shirts. The Queen rose to the scene and shook the world with Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie Mercury’s flamboyant life remains undoubtedly an attraction for party lovers. In a costume party with the theme of 1970s, you would love to go wearing Dancing Dream Fancy Dress Costume and if you are a male you would want to try on Color Shirt Rainbow. Women's Vintage Hippy 1970s Fancy Dress Costume will also do the trick since hippie lifestyle was hitherto in vogue. Super Trooper Male Fancy Dress Costume is another unique dress to catch the eyes of people around. Addition of flicked wigs will certainly build up the strong aura of 1970s. We take pride in helping you get a perfect look as your aesthetic sense suggests.

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