Women's 80s Party Girl Kit


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80s Party Girl Kit

In order to relive the era of the 1980s, there are lots of options that are there. But the women's 80s party girl kit is for those sassy girls who love to party. Since the 80s is famous for its parties and the dresses that people wore back then. People back in the 80s wore non-traditional apparel. They were more into spandex and shell suits. The color they wore were shocking and gaudy but loved them and it was perfect for the day. The party girl kit is a great pick for the 80s themed party. People are surely going to give you a deep look. You are going to be a center of attraction. This particular kit has all the important aspects that a girl looks for. For instance, it is unique, eye-catching and attractive.

This Kit includes:

  • 80s Party Girl Kit with Skirt, Headpiece, and Necklace
  • Multicolor
  • Available in Ml (uk dress 12-18), Sm (uk dress 8-14)
  • It’s for Females

The 80s party girl kit can be worn on a number of occasions. It can be worn on the hen do, 80 themed party and other festivals and carnivals. The kit is especially for the party girls who want to win the day. So, just put it on and become a center of attention for everyone and make your day memorable. In the end, the quality of the costume is the best and impeccable. You should not be worried about it. We always make sure that you get higher quality products, so you can enjoy the way one should enjoy.


Ml (uk dress 12-18), Sm (uk dress 8-14)






LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt

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