Hosiery & Gloves

Wow you look so elegant and sexy at the same time… You know, when do you get such a comment? Let me tell you, you get such comments when you are wearing gloves with flapper.  Gloves have a long history. Women wore glove in Victorian era, in early 1900s and till today women like to wear them. We have got multitude of options for women to choose their hosiery gloves from and those entire gloves suit a wide variety of fancy dress costumes. For instance, take a look at Temptress Gloves for women that add seductiveness in their appearance and they emerge as the sexiest girls on the party floor. Fingerless Lace Gloves for women, are best for the 80s themed party. On the other hand, for men we have got Beast / Krampus Demon Gloves that are one of the best accessories for Halloween. They are also spooky at the same time. Similarly, there are lots of other options that you can pick from- right in concomitance of your fancy outfit. Fancypanda always offers best quality products to its customers and makes sure that it’s designs live up to the requirements of the event and you can enjoy a memorable day.

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