Banana Man Fancy Dress Costume

Let everybody slip in the party and turn everybody upside down wearing banana fancy dress costume. Going as a lunatic on events Halloween, world book day or a birthday party is a fun of its own kind. Your banana costume is certainly going to help people come out of their depression and stress. There is a fun fact about the banana that you should know. Banana has tryptophan in it that turns into serotonin which helps to curb depression and makes people happy. With this quality, choosing a banana fancy dress costume is clinically accredited haha. Have a look on our banana costumes, for instance, Bananaman Deluxe EVA Chest Fancy Dress Costume is for men who want to enjoy by going as a lousily flying bananaman which is indeed a fun-generator in the party. Everybody will be happy looking at you. Similarly, Bananaman Piggy Back Fancy Dress Costume again is a great pick for men as a Halloween costume idea or for a Stag night- the costume vouches for memorable fun. We have got other banana fancy dress costumes that you can browse and choose from. We have also got Accessories that will add to the glory of your outfit. Fancypanda always offers quality designs so that you can enjoy your time best without any worries.

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