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Sometimes it can get a little stressful when you get to choose costumes and accessories or any other items individually. ...So you want to look groovy without any kind of compromise on your looks. The best way to deal with a situation like this is to straight away go for a Character Kit. It mitigates the stress, worry and hassle. Coming on to Character Kits, we have here at fancypanda a huge range of kits that you can have a look at. For instance, Gangster Instant Kit is for you if want to go on a party as a dapper and someone who no one should mess with. Women's Nun's Kit turns the gals pious in a single buying. We have got Character kits in all sizes for both adults and kids. Where's Wally? Instant Kit is for kids and it’s kind of famous among kids. You can get your hands on this kit for your child who is going to attend the World Book Day. Similarly there are lots of other Character kits that you can browse and select one as per your likings. The quality is excellent and groovy with lots of unique designs. Fancypanda always tries its best to help you put on a get up exactly as you desire and we take pride in it.

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SaleSold out 80s Party Girl Kit | Ladies Fancy Dress Costumes
SaleSold out Dalmatian Kit, Adult

Dalmatian Kit, Adult

£1.99 £3.79
SaleSold out Nun's Kit

Nun's Kit

£1.99 £3.99
SaleSold out Boy's Evacuee Boy Kit Green
SaleSold out Pig Kit Pink, Adult

Pig Kit Pink, Adult

£1.99 £3.79
SaleSold out Sailor Scarf & Hat - Costume Accessories

Sailor Scarf & Hat

£3.99 £5.99
SaleSold out Adult Mouse Kit Grey

Adult Mouse Kit Grey

£1.99 £3.79
SaleSold out Day Of The Dead Kit

Men's Day Of The Dead Kit

£17.99 £24.69
SaleSold out Lion Kit Brown, Adult

Lion Kit Brown, Adult

£1.99 £3.79