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For all the food lovers out there, who love to eat and drink and think of themselves as a food connoisseur;... there is, this food and drink costume collection. From the world book day to food-themed parties, these food costumes are relevant. These costumes, as a matter of fact, are loved by lots of people. There are a lot of food and drinks costumes. For instance, take a look at Bacon Fancy Dress Costume for guys who love bacon. Bacon is loved by everybody, so, the costume is going to be loved by everybody at the party. Similarly, there is Aubergine Fancy Dress Costume which and funny and is liked by lots of people. It can be worn by both males and females. There are lots of other costumes like Turkey Hat and Gin Bottle, that you can choose from and pick the one that you think is meant for you. In the end, if we talk about the quality of the costumes, you shouldn’t be worried in this regard. We always make is it certain here at fancypanda that you are getting the best quality products, so that, you should be able to enjoy the event as it is supposed to be enjoyed.

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SaleSold out Turkey Hat

Turkey Hat, Adult

£1.99 £3.89
SaleSold out Lemon Fancy Dress Costume

Lemon Fancy Dress Costume

£16.99 £23.99
SaleSold out Adult Unisex Banana Yellow

Banana Yellow

£0.99 £3.59