Special Effect Scars & Wounds

Special effect scars and wounds are given much importance when it comes to getting ready for the Halloween. Scars and wounds give... authenticity to the looks and give a cringy feeling to the one who see them. For zombie these wounds work best. And for vampire, fangs and teeth give special effects. There are lots of options here at fancypanda that give your appearance special effects. For instance, take a look at Adult Unisex Open Wound Scar Flesh, that gives a look of real wound; it becomes difficult to discern whether the wound is fake or real. Therefore, it brings in authenticity to your appearance. Likewise, Adult Unisex Fangs and Blood give this impression that you have drunk lots of blood and want to drink more to satiate your thirst for blood. In addition to these, there are lots of options in special effects scars and wounds that you can choose from as you like in accordance with your costumes and themes. In the end, you shouldn’t be worried about the quality of the products. We make it certain here at fancypanda that you are getting the best quality products and items, so you shouldn’t feel any kind of inconvenience while enjoying your Halloween or any other event.

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Fangs and Blood

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Fake Blood & Latex

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