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For living up to the braggadocio of your appearance you always need some complementary items, especially when you are wearing a... fancy dress costume on a party. Whatever the theme is; if you are attending a Historical themed shindig or you are trying to relive the life of 20s and 30s gangsters. We have got toy guns and weapons that suit the times you are seeking to represent. Similarly we have weapons that are a perfect support for present day themes. Take a look at Realistic Pirate Blunderbuss Pistol that is going to augment your terrifying looks as a pirate. Roman Sword best fits with your Roman fancy dress costume. This is going to bring in authenticity to your looks. For going as a cop on Halloween or any other festival,Unisex Police Set with Gun is going to make the bad guys run from you. Likewise cowboy looks are complete with revolvers and drawing them from the holster within no time on an event is certainly going to get you applause. There are several other toy weapons like space guns, inflatable tommy gun and swords that you can browse and have a look at. Fancypanda always tries to provide you with the best quality products and makes sure that you go to the wingding with your perfect looks.

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SaleSold out Bullet Belt | Fancy Dress Accessories | Fancy Panda

Adult Bullet Belt

£2.99 £6.29
SaleSold out Wood Effect Axe

Wood Effect Axe, Adult

£1.99 £3.69
SaleSold out Pirate Sword, 50cm / 20in

Pirate Sword

£0.99 £2.49
SaleSold out Roman Sword

Men's Roman Sword Grey

£0.99 £3.59
SaleSold out Pirate Pistol, Silver

Pirate Silver Pistol

£0.99 £3.89
SaleSold out Achilles Shield