Werewolf Fancy Dress Costumes

If you are looking to become bestial on your upcoming Halloween, then the werewolf fancy dress costume is for you.... Wolves are one of the ferocious animals. And they liked by lots of people because of their social and individual traits. Did you know! Wolves have a very strong and organized social structure. This helps them to hunt, defend and communicate with each other. They are principally territorial. They don’t go to other packs’ territory and they don’t allow anyone to pervade in their territory. Wolves as a whole are decreasing in number that is because of the reduction in their prey. Now coming on the werewolves, they are humans who can turn themselves into werewolves out of anger when are passing through some affliction. Lots of people like to fascinate that what if they were a werewolf. However, we, fancypanda, are here to help you live up to your dream of becoming a ferocious yet a helping werewolf. We have costumes and kits that would help you alter your ego. Take look at Unisex Werewolf Mask that is for both males and females, the mask gives you the most bestial of looks. Similarly, Big Bad Wolf Fancy Dress Costume is for men who are dashing and handsome but want their beastliness to manifest on the day of Halloween. For kids, Wolf Costume, Child, With Hooded Jumpsuit is a perfect pick. That’s a little vicious and cute as well. There are lots of options that you can choose from as per your likings. You can always add accessories like wolf fangs, masks, and hands which will give you a more realistic look. Last but not least, the quality of our products is perfect and immaculate. We always make sure that our customers get the best quality costumes and products so they can enjoy their time without any worries.

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SaleSold out Wolf Kit, Grey, Adult

Wolf Kit, Grey, Adult

£1.99 £3.79
SaleSold out Deluxe Werewolf Fangs

Deluxe Werewolf Fangs

£17.99 £33.99
SaleSold out Werewolf Mask, Adult

Werewolf Mask, Adult

£11.99 £16.09
SaleSold out Men's Wolf Mask Brown

Men's Wolf Mask Brown

£9.99 £17.79