Woody woodpecker

Woody woodpecker first came to the fore in 1940s. Creators of woody woodpecker were Walter Lantz and Ben Hardaway. ...Woody belongs to era which we know as the golden age of American animation.  The naughty and causing pain in the butt of others kind of behavior is what is required of you if you want to wear Woody Woodpecker fancy dress costume. Woody costume can be worn on all kinds of events like Halloween, World Book Day or on any themed party.  Woody Woodpecker Costume is funny in its appearance and annoying people on the party or an event is surely going to be a great fun. Adding a woody woodpecker’s unique laugh is certainly going to give the tummy-ache to the crowd due to laughter. Fancypanda always provides quality fancy dress costumes to its customers and makes sure that they get exactly what they desire.

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