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1960's Fancy Dress

'60s Peace Sign Hippie Medallion

'60s Peace Sign Hippie Medallion


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Hippy/Mod Dress With Fringed Vest

Hippy/Mod Dress With Fringed Vest


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1960's Fancy Dress Costumes

The 1960s era is consistently a favourite choice for dress-up and fancy dress parties. It works well for all generations, and the natural comedy of the brash colours with highly flattering or highly unflattering cuts really helps partygoers get in the mood. The music helps too. Everyone recognises the songs - whether it’s hippy love, the groovy London scene or Mods and Rockers, there's something contagious about letting your hair down and adopting the 1960s lingo.

With over a hundred individual 1960s-themed items to choose from, every party outfit is sure to be unique. And whether the customer wants to really get dressed up head to toe or just wants to accent their usual wardrobe, Fancy Panda is the ideal site to visit for cheap 1960's fancy dress. We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of 1960s-inspired costumes, hippy costumes and groovy dressing up outfits.

For the ladies we have a range of Flower Power outfits with dresses and headbands, as well as the esoteric Flower Child outfit with long flowing dress - perfect for recreating your very own Woodstock lost weekend. There are also the tie-die California looks, the swirling paisley dresses and the checked Austin Powers-style Swinging Sixties outfits, complete with hat. And for something a bit different, we have the Mods costumes too.

Men can choose from the matching outfits for guys with flowing shirts, bell-bottomed flares and psychedelic waistcoats or the Fab Four look if they prefer. We also stock a complete range of accessories, including wigs for men and women in the Summer of Love style, Bridget Bardot style and the Liverpool scene icons. We also have peace chains, golden medallions, headbands and rose-tinted glasses. And with our Hippy Man Kit, which includes a long flowing brown wig, round glasses, peace sign medallion and headband, partygoers can be ready in no time at all.

All our products are high-quality, well-made items and available to the customer at a fraction of the price of buying in a conventional high street fancy dress store. We operate a price-match service so customers always know they’re paying the best online price for their item. And for last-minute invitations we have a 24-hour-delivery deal.