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Adult Batman Costumes

Who wouldn't want to be Batman, given the chance? Well, we hope our range of cheap Batman costumes will give you the opportunity to make that a reality. Be the star of any fancy dress party and feel like a total superhero and grow your own crime-fighting justice league! We can't guarantee you'll have your very own sidekick and Bat-mobile, but you'll look the part and we think that counts for quite a lot.

Our range of adult Batman fancy dress costumes includes different styles depending on what type of Batman you want to be. Is the classic TV show Batman your style? We have the costumes to suit, with the classic retro colours, complete with striking blue cape to fight crime just like Adam West back in the day. Feeling bold? Opt for the version that includes 3D abdominal muscles, just to emphasise the 'super' in superhero!

For the more modern superhero, our adult Batman fancy dress range also includes the more toned-down grey colours - all you need to do is work on your trademark Batman growl. You can also choose this costume in a deluxe, which includes 3D muscles - no sit-ups required!

Whichever Batman costume you choose, they are all made from quality form-fitting fabric for a good fit, and are easily cleaned so you can wear it time and time again - we promise that Batman will never go out of style, whether you are a fancy dress regular or just want to make an appearance at a party. Kids will love it!

Each of our cheap Batman costumes includes a cape, which gives each outfit an extra something - though we can't guarantee a handy breeze to accompany your superhero pose! Masks also come as standard with the costumes, so no time-consuming make-up application is required.