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Breaking Bad Costumes

Breaking Bad, set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is widely regarded as one of the best American crime drama television series of all time. Produced by Vince Gilligan, the series centres around the life of struggling secondary school chemistry teacher Walter White, whose salary is barely sufficient to support his family. This situation is unlikely to change once his wife gives birth to their second child, with their first teenage son battling cerebral palsy. Upon learning he has terminal cancer, Walter decides to spend the time he has remaining generating enough money for his family to survive by turning an old van into a mobile meth lab.

The mild-mannered teacher, who thinks his life cannot possibly get any worse, arguably makes the ideal fancy dress character. He is easy to empathise with at first, until his situation snowballs out of control. With numerous Walter White fancy dress costume items available at affordable prices, Fancy Panda is the ideal supplier for all events and occasions.

The cheap Breaking Bad costumes we supply include everything from boots and goatees to toxic suits and masks. These are designed to meet every fancy dress occasion and every budget, and to make you look like the authentic Walter White.

In terms of boots, we stock two alternatives: short white boots for men or tall black costume boots. Both these options ensure you look the part. With regard to beards and goatees, we sell various types: a rapper-style short black goatee; a biker beard and moustache; and a longer-haired Badness goatee. Also available is a Breaking Bad Heisenberg kit comprising a hat, goatee and glasses.

Other cheap Breaking Bad costumes include a gas mask, clear aviator glasses and a Breaking Bad Pollos Hermanos apron, which are all great individual items to help you to perfect your crazed chemistry teacher look. To complete the picture, other Walter White fancy dress costume components include an adult Hazmat costume; a Breaking Bad Walter White toxic suit costume with gloves, black boots, goatee, hat, ear defenders and glasses; an adult Heisenberg hat; a plus-size Breaking Bad toxic suit; a Hazmat suit and mask; a Breaking Bad Vamonos costume; and a Breaking Bad toxic suit hoodie.