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Kill Bill Licensed Fancy Dress

Kill Bill Costume

Kill Bill Costume


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Kill Bill Costumes

Kill Bill is one of the most successful movie franchises of Quentin Tarantino's stellar career thanks to its memorable, dramatic and entertaining plotlines, sympathetic and credible characterisation, and clever, absorbing dialogue. As the season for fancy dress parties approaches, why not kit yourself out as one of the iconic superstars of the films and recreate all of the glamour and fun of the martial arts classic with cheap Kill Bill costumes?

At Fancy Panda, one of the United Kingdom's foremost specialist suppliers of fancy dress outfits and accessories for all occasions, we stock an extensive and competitively priced range of Kill Bill fancy dress outfits, including the attractive official licensed outfit of the Bride character, who was played by Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill movies. Recreate yourself as the Bride, one of the most intimidating, brave and engaging protagonists from the films with our attractive and stylish one-piece jumpsuit.

Available for quick and convenient online ordering and in a range of sizes, this authentic and durable jumpsuit is perfect for aficionados of the films and will make you stand out at any Halloween, Christmas or birthday party. Fashioned from hard-wearing yellow fabric, the jumpsuit has dramatic and flattering black detailing with a smart attached belt and high-quality official logos to instantly transform you into the sassy, powerful and beautiful Bride.

The outfit is finished off with a complimentary robust model sword that completes your metamorphosis into a martial arts heroine. This fun accessory can also be deployed elsewhere when your fancy dress tastes take you in other directions, such as pirate costumes.

Packaged in resealable PVC for safe transit and easy storage, the jumpsuit can be with you quickly at the UK's lowest price, using our easy online ordering service.

Check out our other accessories to perfect your look. Perhaps you’d like a new wig to make you appear even more Thurmanesque?

We stock a comprehensive range of officially licensed outfits from movies so you can make sure your party companions are as memorably and appropriately dressed as you are at your next fancy dress occasion.